Do you smile in your Emails?

I have noticed an increase of emoji use in business mails. At first I thought it was a rare thing, an odd mail here and there, but it seems that emojis are becoming a new standard.

I understand why.

Technology is allowing us to communicate quickly, SMS, apps, chats. We are constantly on the move and typing so it has become necessary to be able to make it clear if we are joking or not, if we are happy or sad about something. The generation which grew up using quick communication is taking managerial positions, ergo the emojis in business emails.

Written communication is difficult if you don’t express emotions with emojis, the message receiver will quite often misunderstand what the sender wanted to say.

That is why it takes time to write a professional email without the emojis, you have to be absolutely certain that the receiver will be able to interpret what you wanted to say. Emojis are still considered unprofessional. I advise you to rewrite that business email and make an extra effort as an emoji is just a shortcut.

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