How to repair any wordpress error

How to repair any WordPress error

Repairing  WordPress errors can be a nightmare. Suddenly your WordPress site has an error. Something stopped working. You can’t enter your site. You get “too many redirects” error. Maybe you just can’t create a new page. The list goes on and on. It can be really frustrating when suddenly something stops working.

Let me help you with a simple checklist which will save you time because this will solve 95% of your problems:

  •  Theme check 

Check if your theme is updated. Check if it is compatible with the latest WordPress version. Check if theme is still supported by the developers. Change the theme and check if that solves the problem. If you are unable to reach the WordPress admin dashboard change the theme in the database (just Google how to do this).

  • Plug in check

Oh the pain of the incompatible plug ins. When something is not working in WordPress then you have to check all the plug ins. First you deactivate them all and if that solves the problem then you know its one of them. Then you start activating one by one until the problem shows up again. When it shows up you know that is the plug in which you have to keep deactivated.

  • WordPress check

Check if your WordPress is updated.

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