Internet presence

Internet presence

The holy trinity of internet presence consists of:
2.Social media
3.Online community

In this article we will talk more about an online community.

“An online community, also called an internet community, is a virtual community whose members interact with each other primarily via the Internet. For many, online communities may feel like home, consisting of a family of invisible friends.”

Let’s try to find out what kind of an online community you are making.

  • Who can build it and what is it built around?

Everyone can build an online community. Strictly speaking, every online community is built around something, but what is it?
Is it a brand, a cause, an interest? Something special?

For example, the online community for dog owners is built around a mutual interest. Members might visit it every day to talk about the pets and share photos. A community owner might monetize it through an online shop.

A car manufacturer will create a support community for the car owners and potential buyers. It’s a place where members consult with each other, exchange experiences, and give advice. At the same time, it is a community built around the brand and a knowledge vault. For example “Where do I repair my car in the Toronto area, recommendations?”

  • Open or closed community?

Is the community open to new members or they can join with invitation only?
If it is an open community built around a popular interest, then you might monetize it with ads.
Closed groups are usually used with clubs and membership monetization options.

  • How important is the software?

Software comes second. To be successful in creating an online community you have to understand the social aspect of the Internet. Software is a tool which will empower you, make the tasks easier, but it will not save you from the hard work.

If you are struggling with building an online community you can always call a ninja.


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